How to Set Reminders

Set and manage future reminders with the app—link to webpages, add notes, and select from immediate or repeating options.

Include URLs and notes:

  • Include Tab URL: Switch this on to link your reminder to the current webpage. When the reminder notification pops up, clicking on it will open the linked URL, allowing you to close the tab after setting the reminder.

  • Include Text: Activate this to access a text area to jot down notes for your reminder. This is useful for adding detailed information to your tasks.

Quick Set Options:

  • For immediate reminders, use one of the quick options: 'in 30 mins', 'in 1 hour', 'in 1 day', or 'in 1 week'.

Date and Time Configuration:

  • Date: Choose a future date for your reminder. For repeating reminders, the blue dot signifies the 'first' date in the series.
  • Time: Set a future time when you want the reminder to alert you. Make sure that both date and time are set ahead of the current time to ensure proper scheduling.

Repeat Schedule:

From the 'Repeat' dropdown, select how often you want the reminder to occur. Your choices can range from once to recurring patterns like daily or weekly. The starting date of this sequence is indicated by a blue dot.

Add Reminder

Hit the 'Remind me' button to save your reminder. You can close the tab after setting the reminder, since clicking on the reminder notification will reopen the URL when it’s time.

Upcoming Reminders

The 'Upcoming' section allows you to see all reminders that are set.

Make sure that notifications are enabled for the browser. Notifications have to be enabled for the browser, not just the extension. You can check this by going to your browser settings and searching for notifications. Or, by checking the system settings on your computer.

Stay ahead of your daily reminders with the Best Reminder App. Install for free now from the Chrome Web Store.